Commercial, Corporate, Contract & Consumer Rights Law

  • Shareholders agreements – agreements between shareholders describing their rights & obligations accurately & precisely
  • Business sale contracts – agreements for selling a business that protect both buyer & seller
  • Licensing Agreements – making money from your intellectual property without endangering it
  • Trade Marks – applying for and obtaining Trade Mark registration; searching the existing Trade Mark database
  • Copyrights – advising on copyright protection; assignment agreements; acting on infringement; performer’s agreements; registration of copyright in “cinematograph films”
  • Confidentiality (Non-disclosure) Agreements – to restrict the spread of information shared with a prospective business purchaser, a business partner, an employee etc.
  • Due diligence warranties, check-lists & agreements – for ensuring thorough investigation of a business for purchase
  • Distribution Agreements – for manufacturers seeking to distribute their products or services
  • Agency agreements, powers of attorney – for a principal seeking to use the services of someone else on his behalf
  • Partnership agreements – for non-incorporated business- or other enterprise- partners wishing to minimise uncertainty regarding relations between them
  • Notarial deeds of donation – where a donation needs to be officially recorded
  • Small business law – assisting small businesses find their way through the legal minefield
  • Consumer Rights – fighting for the consumer against the rip-off artists

International Law

  • Inter-jurisdictional matters – how to act against those outside South Africa; which court to use; what law applies; what the applicable law says, etc

Public & Administrative Law

  • Public & Administrative Law – obtaining information from public bodies; calling public bodies to account for their actions and decisions; appealing and reviewing administrative decisions; challenging lack of fair procedures; exposing actions taken in bad faith; correcting administrative blunders; using ombudsmen to your advantage; etc

Estate Planning

  • Wills & Trusts – importance of a proper will; when a trust is needed; minimising estate duty
    Partnership protection (Key-man insurance etc) – the need for a ‘will’ for your business, not just yourself; what happens to your business when you go?
  • Deceased estate administration – doing our best to ensure that the assets of your departed loved one are soon available to protect you financially

Conveyancing, Property & Housing Law

  • Property transfers – smooth transitions from seller to buyer; progress reports
  • Purchase & sale agreements – covering all the loopholes and avoiding the pitfalls
  • Business & residential leases – solid protection for landlords and tenants alike
  • Boundary & servitude disputes; neighbour law – resolving those thorny neighbour v neighbour disputes: noise, encroachments; privacy invasion; odours; bye-law violations
  • Sectional Titles – navigating the tricky waters of sectional titles; trustees’ obligations; keeping your body corporate under control; helping you get the best out of your asset.

Family Law – Marriage, Divorce and Domestic Relations

  • Post- and ante-nuptial contracts – streamlined procedure for ante-nuptial contracts; changing your property regime after marriage
  • Cohabitation (life partnership) agreements – satisfying the immigration authorities about your relationship; agreeing beforehand on how you will divide your assets if you split; allocating responsibilities; drawing up your own domestic constitution, the ground rules that will guide you both
  • Divorces – providing the sensitive support that you might need during this difficult time; ensuring that your rights are protected; obtaining the best outcome for the children; preventing you from giving the rest of your life away.
  • Custody & maintenance – achieving compromises in the interests of your children; making sure the breadwinner plays his part.
  • Powers of attorney – drafting documents that empower you to act on behalf an elderly relative; a business efficient document on behalf of a distant principle
  • Adoption – ensuring that this delicate process ends in success and fulfilment

Litigation – High, Labour & Magistrates Courts

  • Cutting short litigation times where possible; seeking to resolve conflicts by negotiating and settling; limiting legal costs by avoiding unimaginative actions; devising ways of getting you what you deserve

Employment Law

  • Unfair dismissals – claiming your due from the unscrupulous employer; protecting you from the cynical employee
  • Employment agreements – covering all the bases by laying the ground rules for a constructive and fulfilling employment relationship
  • Company Codes of Conduct & Grievance Procedures – ensuring that standards are spelt out; providing ways to express frustration at the workplace; ensuring certainty when things are right and setting procedures when things go wrong

Entertainment Law

  • Entertainment Law – protecting actors, dancers, musicians during their careers; regularising performance rights and copyright; recording/performing contracts.

Education Law

  • Education Law – specialised employment law for educators; ensuring proper conduct of the disciplinary process.